Design & Applied Digital Arts Studios

"Making meaning, through meaningful making."

We are a digitally driven design and technology studio. Welcome to our world. 

Design & Applied Digital Arts (DADA) Studios is a design and implementation studio founded and driven by architect and creative technologist – Ayodele Arigbabu. The studio engages in projects involving design, digital and interactive media, and architecture, exploring the intersections between those domains and designing and prototyping solutions for clients looking to exploit concepts that sit astride such intersections. Previous projects include a virtual gallery for exploring art in VR (2016), an adventure game incorporating precepts from cognitive behavioral therapy via a chatbot (2017), a virtual presence simulation for exploring a digital archive (Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, 2019), gesture controlled interactive story telling (Barking Learning Center, 2017), a physical sculpture with embedded digital kiosks designed for a public space in a university (University of Ibadan, 2021), a way-finding app for a library in East London embedded in a digital kiosk (Barking Learning Center), animation for an art installation that was exhibited internationally (iMagineering Lagos / Lagos 2060, Futurefest, London in 2015, Post African Futures Exhibition, Johannesbug in 2015, Black Heritage Festival, Lagos in 2015), and a non fungible token (NFT) minting dapp for a sport-tech company (Street Tag / Polytag, 2021). In addition, DADA Studios has been instrumental to the founding and incubation of Maker Room Limited, a company / initiative devoted to training and equipping disadvantaged young people with design, digital / 3d content creation and creative coding skills relevant to the 21st century which has so far (2020 – 2021) impacted over 80 students in the selected communities.